Recruitment is a service based on determination of criteria that is used for recruiting – selecting the best candidates for a concrete vacant position.


In our work we use proven approaches and models for selection, test methods and personality questionnaires, standardized according to the Bulgarian conditions.


When recruiting the process should pass through the following major phases:


  • Determining the requirements and building a profile;
  • Recruiting and selecting candidates;
  • Picking out candidates;
  • Preparing a proposal to you;
  • Choosing and appointing of candidate/s.


Advantages of the Service


  • Saves time and efforts -  according to our statistics when publishing a notice for a vacant position, there have been received, on average, about two hundred applications per day whose selection requires expenditure of time and personnel;
  • Guarantees quality – using the appropriate model and methodology for recruitment enhances the reliability in identifying the best candidate/s – having a suitable personality and professional profile for the specific position;
  • Guarantees confidentiality – professional competence and loyalty to you;
  • Provides flexibility and speed – the average time to complete an errand is two weeks, aligned with the dynamic display of your requirements.


Guarantee for Service


For the needs of our customers we propose a guarantee for quality of our selection.


Respectively, this means in case that the recruited by us employee quits or is dismissed within three months of the commencement but having observed all predefined conditions of employment, we can offer you up to three new approved applications without the need for any additional payments.