Payroll (labor and salary)

Independently of the staff number in your company, the work related to its administration is hard and responsible enough. That is why we offer the Payroll service.

Payroll is an accounting activity that includes various regulatory and legal aspects – from administration of labor contracts to remuneration calculation, bonuses payment, meal vouchers, deductions, transport costs, medical packages and insurances. Their proper administration requires constant monitoring of frequent changes in legislation, compliance with precise terms and features – in line with the tax and labor law.

Level H Ltd has a qualified team of payroll specialists with extensive experience in the field of labor-legal relations and payroll activity – this ensures you a professional service and a guarantee for compliance with the legal requirements and time limits. And you also obtain all this at an affordable price and in the best effective way for the company.

Advantages of the Service

  • Complete confidentiality in respect of your company’s remunerations;
  • Providing assistance when performing inspections by the tax and insurance authorities, and auditors, as well;
  • An expert and timely service for all payroll activities;
  • Cost saving regarding software maintenance and hiring of a payroll specialist.

What is included in the Payroll Process?

  • Preparation of labor contracts, supplementary agreements and orders, as well as their registration in the National Revenue Agency;
  • Preparation of documents for retirement and insurance period;
  • Preparation of estimated payment salary;
  • Preparation of business income notes;
  • Maintenance of hospital list records, for the labor books;
  • Submission of declarations 1 and 6;
  • Preparation of labor and insurance licenses;
  • Non-cash salary payment;
  • Cooperation in control checks by Executive agency “Main Labor Inspection”, etc.