Outplacement is a service that allows employers to prove their loyalty to the staff which size by some reasons has to be reduced and simultaneously to save funds arising from legal proceedings and negative statements.


Outplacement includes consultation, vocational guidance and requalification, individual discussion, and an attempt to find a job.


Outplacement is applied at all levels but primarily it is bound for middle-skilled staff. 


Benefits for employers


  • Building a socially responsible image of the company which invests in care of the professional future of its former employees; 
  • Avoiding legal proceedings – redundancies create many negative feelings among dismissed employees, their families and friends;
  • Motivating the employees who still work in the company as these actually feel uncomfortable by the fact that they have survived redundancies and could be the next;
  • Saving money – the outplacement service could be an effective tool for reintegration of employees rather than paying compensations of large groups of employees.


Benefits for employees


  • Assistance during a hard period especially from psychological point of view;
  • Assistance in the establishment of a real Curriculum Vitae and a Cover Letter;
  • Professional and discrete consultation from trained selection professionals;
  • Career consultation on questions related to motivation and possibilities for a new job;
  • Personal consultation.