Leasing of personnel


Personnel leasing is a service that provides an ability to recruit people that formally have contract relations with Level H Ltd, though actually working in your company.


The service is determined through a contract between Level H Ltd and your company whether the dealings with officials are governed by a contract between them and Level H Ltd.


You should identify the employees to be recruited, the terms on their recruitment, their working place, the hiring period and all other specified working conditions in the company, as well.


Cases in which you can use the service


  • Restrictions on the state or the budget for “Salary” Fund;
  • The absence of Personnel Department and Payroll within the company and the subsequent difficulties regarding implementation of all formalities in accordance with the current Bulgarian labor legislation;
  • Temporary projects requiring additional human resource – promotions and marketing campaigns, seasonal recruitment, temporary appointments;
  • Employee absence for a longer period of time due to sickness;
  • Absence due to pregnancy and childbirth, and maternity, as well;
  • Small organizations which are not profitable themselves to carry out the personnel administration;
  • Strive to reduce the administrative burden on the human resource specialists in the respective company;
  • Avoid major costs associated with the demand of personnel.


Advantages of the Service


  • Disposal of the whole activity associated with the so-called Personnel and Payroll;
  • Saving costs related to appointment of officials engaged with this activity;
  • Saving costs for equipment at workstations, hardware and specialized software;
  • Saving costs associated with solicitor advices and consultation;
  • Exemption from the necessity to follow constantly the amendments in the labor and insurance legislation;
  • Enables recruitment under any circumstances – full or non-standardized working time, for a certain period, etc.
  • Ensuring quality of selection and minimizing the risk from inappropriate recruitments – an opportunity first to know the upcoming employees and appoint them at a later stage without bearing the risk;
  • Not undermining the corporate image when laying off staff;
  • Payment only of the hours actually worked;
  • Flexible number of employees according to the needs.