HR Management


HR management is a complex service that forms the general policy for human resource management in your company. It also provides an independent assessment of existing practices and improves upcoming projects for their optimization.


Who can use this service?


  • Companies without a HR Department, though, needing a specialist in this field; 
  • Organizations that assess the need for consultation and introduction of good working practices;
  • Firms that want to manage effectively their expenses and obtain a realistic assessment in respect of human resources.


Service benefits


  • Access to external KNOW-HOW;
  • A fair assessment of the situation;
  • Saving time, money and human resources;
  • High-quality personal service.


What is included in the service?


  • Creating a motivational culture at the different levels;
  • Organizational and personal effectiveness;
  • Leader influence and managerial effectiveness;
  • Development of team and intra-team cooperation;
  • Assessment of managerial skills;
  • Development of an annual training program;
  • Attestations;
  • Update of job descriptions, if necessary.