Direct Recruitment

What is a direct recruitment (Executive Search)?

Direct recruitment is a service that incorporates selection and enrolment of highly qualified personnel. Usually, the direct recruitment is used for launching new projects where the responsibility and professionalism of employees have to meet a certain high level.

The processes included here are:

  • Define potential candidates and contact them;
  • Support the process of negotiations between the potential candidate and the customer;
  • Identify and select one of the applicants and coordinate the whole process to the appointment at the client. 

The recruitment is performed on the basis of interviews and physiological tests including professional, psychometric and social components.

When can this service be used?

  • When you cannot find the appropriate candidate for your vacant position;
  • When you seek to preserve your confidentiality;
  • When the specialist you are looking for is exceptionally vital for your firm;
  • When you need a concrete specialist in a certain field and there is an apparent deficit;
  • When you are ready to make an attractive offer in order to find the proper applicant for the right place.

How is it accomplished and what is the difference between the standard and direct recruitment?

The major difference between the standard and direct recruitment is that the active part in the direct recruitment is the employer. Here the purpose is to reach employees from other companies who have not indicated their interest towards the position and do not even seek employment actively. On the contrary, in the standard recruitment the applicants themselves declare their aspiration to start work at a specific place through applying and sending CV for a concrete announced position.