Test for personality assessment

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What are personality assessment tests and why they should not disturb us?

When applying for a job and subsequently appointed for an interview, more often you would fill in a test for personality evaluation or a questionnaire that assesses your personal qualities, temperament, values and attitudes.

Personality questionnaires do not specify a person as “good” or “bad”, “positive” or “negative” but rather provide information on whether the person complies with the specific working environment.

Qualities such as independence, capacity planning and flexibility are particularly important for many working places. Leadership and decision-making ability are most significant for the managerial positions whether being a merchant requires stringency, entrepreneurial dynamism and confidence. Therefore, a candidate who prefers peaceful and non-dynamic environment will not have a great success working as a salesperson.

That is why using such a type of approaches when selecting the proper candidate for a concrete vacant position is of predominant importance and might be useful both for the employer and the applicants.

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