About us


Level H is a company for transfer of international experience and practices in the human resources management and human capital investments. Aiming to achieve an optimal management, administration and employee selection we apply a personal approach by providing a package of specialized services and individual consultations.

Whether you are an employer and you feel that your team does not collaborate enough or there is a great staff turnover and the recruitment encumbers you. Or you just might be interested in other options for labor practices improvement and you want to create a motivating scheme of work, and a proper stimulation policy, as well, then a meeting with our experts can assist you in taking the best decision for enhancement of your company’s processes.

Furthermore, we also focus on daily meetings with anyone who is looking for a job. Our experts establish connection between you, the employers and the announced vacant working places through a system for curriculum vitae preparation and administration in job application. This way, we achieve better professional realization and personal satisfaction.

Whether looking for a job or being an employer, our cooperation with you will go through several stages of personal communication that itself guarantees a formation of individually prepared service and approach for personal, and corporate perspectives.


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